Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Last Day of September...

Cora has a favorite nursery rhyme that ends, "...on the last day of September." So naturally, Kate and I planned Olive's birth accordingly (or perhaps not).

It's hard to believe that 1 year ago today we were going to bed with only 1 little girl; that we were a family of 3. It's hard to believe that we were planning to wake up and head in for the c-section from hell - or rather the 1/2 c-section from hell (Kate had a wild and painful ride). And it's hard to believe that 1 year ago tomorrow, we got to meet Olive Mae for the very first time!

Time really has flown bye...enjoy the pics (day 01 & 365).

And here's a song I wrote my little Olive:

Olive, May I
(c) 2009 Ross Christopher Donaldson

verse 1
we were two, three, now four
and we've made this love story;
a perfect story of who we are
and here we go...

olive, may i have this dance
to settle your tiny cries of midnight
let's dance till you smile
olive, may i have this dance tonight

verse 2
through many sleepless nights
i hold you tight, i hold you tight my love
and i see your smallest smile,
to know its a complete love

so we dance
and we sing
and we love what we've become

Thanks for reading and Happy Birthday Olive Mae!

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Olive!!! Wow, can't believe it, wasn't Cora JUST born??? Where is the time going?