Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what's going on.

Its been a while since we've just chatted.
Not about a specific subject, but just about what's going on...

Last Thursday I did a photo shoot for an upcoming #SongsForJoplin showcase in LA (that's what the pic is from)

Last Friday morning I had a dentist appointment.
No cavities.
30 years and I'm still cavity free. Woot!

After that however, I went to the doctor to get my throat looked at.
I'd had a really sore throat for about a week and it was difficult to swallow; much less eat and sing.
I thought maybe I had strep.
Well, I didn't have strep...I had 9 ulcers in my throat.
So that's nice :-(

Oh, and how do they treat throat ulcers?
With steroids.

I'm also wrapping up a recording/producing project with a talented up-and-coming singer/songwriter (i'll post a song later).
And tonight I started a new recording/producing job with a great country band, Harmony Grove.

Oh yeah, Kate and I also got memberships to the YMCA.
So that's about it. We're on the road to buff-ness.

I hope everyone is great!


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