Monday, January 30, 2012


Distractions can kill dreams faster than almost anything. I know many people (myself included at times), that have had huge dreams, but because of financial constraints, time, or location, have become distracted from pursuing those dreams.

The scenario typically goes like this:

If I only had X amount of dollars, I could truly pursue that dream.
I'll take a job (or jobs) as a means to an end in accomplishing that dream.
5-10 years later, I'm still in a job that was only meant to propel me into making my dreams a reality, and now I'm convinced its too late to pursue that original dream.

This works itself out in every landscape. I see it abundant in our political system now...

It seems like in this election cycle, there are more GOP primary debates than ever. I would argue that this is very calculated. Because the debates are most often network debates (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, PBS, etc), the amount of time, focus, and criticism (and trust me, there's plenty of deserving criticism) that surrounds a possible candidate distracts us from the reality of politics that is happening in congress and in the White House.

While we focus on a possible candidate, gas prices inch up to near-national highs, and it receives little to no air time. Our lowest rated congress sits and does nothing, and all we discuss is who said what at the most recent debate.

Distraction works!

So maybe use this next time you have a dream and feel the need to pursue it:

1. Dream
2. Draw out a vision
3. Fail often and FAIL FORWARD
4. Re-access
5. Dream more...(repeat as necessary)

But whatever you do, resist distraction!


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