Sunday, March 25, 2012


A month or so ago, I posed the question "what would be created if someone with no musical influence, history, or knowledge, was placed on an island with a handful of instruments?" Would they create truly unique pieces, or would we hear commonalities from music which has already been produced?

Taking that same scenario, what would an individual take from the Bible if that were the only book and reference to anything of faith on the island? This individual has never had human contact, or experiences, outside of his isolated island.

Here's 1 thing we must assume:
- the individual can read

So what would his/her response be to Scripture?
- would any of it make sense without community?
- even though it says, "in the beginning was the Word...," would that resonate to be true?
- without human interaction, would law make sense?
- without human interaction, would Jesus make sense?
- would it matter if this person was Calvinist or Armenian, or any other brand of "Christian?"
- could he/she ever be a Christian without following the Great Commission?
- would the Holy Spirit have a more involved role?

All of this makes you ask questions about essentials versus the accoutrements and bits that seem contextual.

I'd love some of your thoughts and more questions!


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