Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've become doubtful of your LOL-ing...

Either we've drastically lowered our comedic bar, or we're over-using (and inappropriately-using) the term LOL. It is a rare occasion that I am laughing out loud (LOL - for anyone in the blog audience that may not have experienced the acronym) throughout a movie these days. Television is the same. It takes a real comic genius to make people laugh out loud or guffaw. Less comedic genius will make us smirk, chuckle, and even agree that it should be funny - but haven't gone to the audible LOL stage yet.

And yet, 50% or more of the texts I receive, or facebook comments, have a LOL in them. I doubt that seriously.

For instance, read this:
"Man, do I wish I had an iPad."

Are you LOL-ing?
There is nothing humorous about that.

Say it again, and this time, force an audible, hearty, guffaw...
You just sounded ridiculous.

So let's up the bar a bit for humorists and people really working to make us laugh, and cut all of the LOL-ing.


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