Monday, March 5, 2012


This is actually a RE-posting of something I wrote back in October, but it's come up time and time again in conversation, so I figured it might be worth another post. Enjoy!

I was reading something yesterday about the word muse and it got me thinking...

So first, I want you to consider the word "muse."

MUSE - verb (used without object) to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.

To muse is to meditate and think, to ruminate, etc. This is a deep concept that takes something (an object) and uses it to project further meaning or action.

Ok, now consider another word - "amuse."

The prefix "a" means "non, not, none."
Think: asexual, amorphous, amoral.

When we are amused, we are not thinking, not meditating, and not ruminating. So consider your art and creativity in these terms. If your goal is to amuse, don't be surprised when people aren't moved and don't react to it. There is certainly a place for amusement (we all need to step back, exhale, and not take things seriously from time to time). But if your goal is action and contemplation, don't amuse.

I hope this will cause a stir and consideration. If not, I apologize for the amusing post.


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