Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Reflection.

I hate to ask, "how was Easter?" The question and earth-shattering-revolution of the day is blanketed by consumerism. Undoubtedly, some of you sang your favorite songs, dressed up a little nicer than is usual for your Sunday morning worship service. I'm also sure some of you thought, "is this it?" The worship experience didn't quite meet expectations.

What we celebrated two days ago however truly shattered the earth. The veil is split. Yesterday is no more. Death died. Sin was squelched. And I hope that you tasted at least a bit of that truth. Because if you did, it changes everything.

If the Easter you celebrated truly changed everything, then today is brighter because of it. Humanity is full of hope, reconciliation, re-birth, and is being renewed right under our noses. We are active participants in the story that began unfolding 2,000 years ago. The Kingdom of God is here, now.

So, what will you believe? Was Easter just another Sunday with a few more lilies on stage, more polished songs and videos, nicer slacks, a tie, and eggs hidden in the yard? Or was Easter the start for you to live out a new reality?

Today, tomorrow, and the next day, I'll wish you Happy Easter!


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