Sunday, June 10, 2012

Contemplative Prayer (PART III - 2012)

We live in a culture of hyper-creation, productivity, entertainment, and consumerism.  Our identities are directly tied to how much, how fast, and how good we can make things.  Rather than seeking muses, we seek amusement.  Our technologies lull us into a rapid-paced rat race of multi-tasking and create an input/output-culture.  All of this can easily become antithetical to the contemplative prayer-life we discover throughout scripture and the early church.  And 2,000 years after Jesus uttered His contemplative prayers, we read them from the edges, and often lack even the most basic understanding of how to begin to attain this vital spiritual discipline. 

But if we are to reclaim a thriving relationship with our Creator as described in John 15, we must break the habitual cycle of production, entertainment, and consumerism.  We must learn to seek His face, even if it means returning to ancient practices.  We must be salt and light in a culture that follows an altogether different metric for measuring economy, love, relationship, creation, and identity.  As we embrace a life of contemplative prayer, we will surely become a people set apart, made in the image of our Creator that intimately knows the heart of God, by seeking His face.


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