Friday, June 15, 2012

Contemplative Prayer (PART VII - The End)

Contemplative prayer is a powerful tool that leads to a lifestyle of stability and interruption that are vital to our lives as followers of Christ.  Contemplative prayer exposes our selfish wants and desires, and moves us toward an understanding that simply being with God is more than enough.  Contemplative prayer is antithetical to the ways of our culture: hyper-creation, productivity, entertainment, and consumerism.  Contemplative prayer solidifies our identities to Christ, and makes everything spiritual, holy, and potentially good. 

As we continue our journeys, I hope that we will make this a priority.  I hope that you have been encouraged by the truths of scripture, the example of Jesus and the early Church, and the hope of an aligned future with our Creator.  Please strive to live life “in the river.”  God is doing incredible things in this world and we must have hope to reclaim the essence of being with and seeing God face to face, through contemplative prayer.


Thanks so very much for reading this series.  I hope its provided some insights and will help you in your journey.


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