Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Story Are You Telling? [re-post]

To positively move forward, we must create new normals.  We must shift our ways of thinking, seeing, and doing.  We must embrace the world around us and become part of its story.  We must tell new stories.


First, expect beauty.  Move from a place where beauty is only captured in art museums, ocean side vacations, or photoshopped models.  Instead, start noticing color, texture, depth, creation, conversation, uniqueness, and love.  When we do that, everything begins to change.  We can expect to be surrounded by fragments of beauty each and every day.

Second, revel in it.  When we see beauty, capture it, breathe it, draw it, etc.  We must do whatever we can to experience the beauty we've found ourselves in.

Third, make it our story.  The story of beauty needs telling, and retelling, and retelling again.  Because in the story of beauty, is a story of creation, creativity, humanity, and love.  When we experience beauty, we must be confident in the promise that, "It is good."  And in the goodness of this new found beauty, may we make it our own stories to tell.


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