Thursday, February 19, 2009

A City...A People in Desperate Need

Many of you know that a few years back Kate and I went to Anapra, Mexico with our best friends Brandon & Katie Schultz. We stayed with a great family and took in the culture for a week. Since then we've been able to write them and keep in touch.

Things are not good these days. You may have heard about the border conflicts happening in Juarez and the region.

Well, here's an email from Katie highlighting what Estella and family are enduring these days. Please read up. Take in some solidarity and pray whether you might become more involved with what's going on...

I spoke with Estela last night in Anapra (Mexico). I was sad to hear that the people in Anapra are suffering tremendously from this economic down-turn. Estela told me it is 'very very bad'. There are very few jobs to be had, people are loosing their factory work daily. She said groceries have gotten very expensive. And to top it off, the violence in Juarez continues to worsen. She said there have been over 180 murders just in February. (Consequently our visit in May is still 'on' - prayers for our safety during the visit are greatly appreciated).

To highlight just one case that is close to my heart - Estela's son Samuel (who is about 26) and his wife Brenda had twins back in September. They also have Denise (2 years old**see attached photo with Julia in 2007**). Samuel was out of work for a month in Juarez and after no luck hunting down any employeement, he crossed to Denver to find any work he could. Brenda stayed with her parents in their pallet house with four other adults and two other children. Samuel has found very little work in Denver, 'but it is better than nothing' he tells Estela. Brenda told Estela recently that they were only eating a small meal once a day with her parents because no one in the house can find work either. Estela and her husband invited Brenda to come live with them, so they can care for her and the babies. Estela is now stretched very thin financially...

Additionally - Our friend Bertha has lost her job, several of Estela's other children have had their hours dramatically cut. This is in a place where they were previously only earning $50 a week…

***What you can do***

Estela said the biggest need right now is children's clothing. She said the babies in particular are growing so fast, and it is still bitter cold in Mexico in the morning and night. While it will get incredibly hot soon, clothing for all seasons will be helpful. If you have hand-me-downs you could spare, or would be willing to search the sale racks or second-hand shops to send some much needed help it would be appreciated. Of course, money can also be put to good use as well.

Finally - PLEASE PRAY. For our friends pray for Peace. Pray for Provision. Pray for Strength. Pray for Hope. And pray for us Americans, that our hearts may be turned towards Christ through this difficult time.

If you have donations, please contact me and Brandon and I will be happy to package and ship all that we get.


So, what are you going to personally do about this???


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