Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sajak

I don't know why, but I found myself watching an entire episode of Wheel of Fortune tonight in-between dinner and rehearsal. I believe it was because "the Sajak" beckoned me with his siren-like voice and ageless grin and candor.

Seriously, does this guy age?

Here he is (with Vana) in an early season.
Now, here he is in 2009.
This guy has got it figured out my friends! Just look at him. Ageless, charming, dapper as all get out, and you know he makes a pretty penny. Combine all of the with a name like Pat Sajak and its a perfect storm.

A student of his ways,

1 comment:

Phil and Lacy said...

I've heard that pat sajak took Robin Williams place as the radio dj in Vietnam. they had to remove him though. he was in danger of being captured so the vietmanese could no his aging secrets.

that second part isn't true... but the first is!