Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Night's Address

Hopefully you caught the congressional address last night by President Obama. It was great! Very clear, articulate, and progressive. It was nice to NOT see a ton of Bush bashing and blaming, and for the most part, bi-partisanship seemed relatively healthy.

Top notch speech.

He did an excellent job focusing his plans and the years to come. Many presidents in the past unload their LONG laundry lists; many of which they know will never see the light of day. And last night, President Obama did not do that.

Two big thumbs up from me anyway!!

So, lets talk about the REAL elephant in the room...

What was up with the republican response, done by Bobby Jindal? Jindal is a 37 year old republican governor from Louisiana who is positioning himself for election in 2012. It was like a junior high spoof of some horrible, folksy Mayberry skit.

Good luck dude.

Survey says XXX.

I think you'll lose man.

You might consider saving your money and time.

Seriously, Ron Paul could have done better.

Check it out if you want a good laugh:


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