Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lemons on the Menu

Monday's and Tuesday's, I typically blog about a recent, original, piece of art, writing, song, etc. This week, I'm bringing my focus to another art - cooking. I love to cook. I think maybe if I wasn't a musician, I'd be a spy. But if I weren't a spy, then I'd be a chef.

So last night I decided I'd surprise Kate with a culinary delight. In the vein of Iron Chef, I decided my ingredient of the night was to be LEMONS. Odd choice perhaps...but I went with it. I thought, "you know, lemons are acidy and sweet, and will really bring out the flavor in WHATEVER I decide to cook."

So on to the grocery store I went.

After I had picked up everything I thought I'd need to experiment (i was making this all up as I went along) in the kitchen, here was my menu:

Yukon gold potatoes with cream, pepper corn, and garnished with an orange zest Archway.
Grilled asparagus in a lemon marinade; sea salt; and extra virgin olive oil.


Seared beef shanks in a lemon zest marinade; garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and bay leaves; smothered in sauteed onions and grilled artichoke hearts.

The dinner was AMAZING! One of my best creations. Its no song, no poem, but mmmmmmm, it was delicious!

And it was washed down with a wonderful bottle of Merlot. Well, I had the Merlot. Kate drank ice water.

Chef Roscoe

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