Monday, June 8, 2009

A Note Came in the Mail

I've written about the situation in Anapra, Mexico before, and have used my blog for education and hopeful enlightenment. Kate and I were blessed a few years back to build relationships with some great families, and have been able to continue to hear their stories, and occasionally help out wherever possible.

Last week we got this note in the mail, and thanks to Spanish on-line translators, I know what it says...

"ross and kate hello friends, I hope to receive this card are in good health in their work and their family are the best decades of my family and also to thank you for the support we received from you. for us has been a great blessing to receive your help. And every day we ask that God continue to bless at all what to do. My children and I are well thanks to my God, all are fine. receive a strong hug of my entire family and God bless you, thank you very much for everything."

The world is getting flatter folks!
-Ross & Kate

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