Monday, June 1, 2009

take this to heart

Lets talk about some musical/performance no-no's today. Yesterday my buddy Jim and I were watching an Oasis concert on tv and everything was cool until we noticed the bassist using a capo. Survey says, XXX...nope, can't do that dude! Bassists don't use capos. Kids that are just learning the instrument SHOULDN'T use capos, but especially when you're shooting a live concert and your in a huge band like Oasis, you NEVER use a capo on your bass.

Its just lame.

And #2, shorts on band members. Ok, I'll concede a few can pull it off, but unless your in Blink182 or are Lars from Metallica, then put on some jeans and rock on. Check out this dude. There are so many major malfunctions here I don't know where to start.



opened Hawaiian shirt

blinding white undershirt TUCKED-in

a beautifully groomed lip sweater (ok, that's maybe the 1 thing he's got going for him that is actually good)

That's about it. Take this to heart.


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