Sunday, July 5, 2009

Box o' Water...and more!

Kate and I arrived safely in Grand Rapids this evening and enjoyed the opening segment by Rob Bell at his conference, Poets, Prophets, & Pastors. I decided I was the poet and Kate is the prophet. Anyway, we bought this nifty box-o-water at the conference to wet our parched whistles. Kinda cool...

All in all, the trip was pretty un-eventful. We rocked out to some old-school Ace of Base and love that MI gas stations sell an array of goodies; from circus peanuts to CB radios; fried shrimp to garden mulch. You'd better believe that I was the dude that got a 44 oz diet dew, some funyuns, and some mulch.

Its an hour later here. I'm pooped.


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