Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Rapids Day 02

Hello all...

Still in GR for another 24 hrs. Today has been amazing meeting great folks that are doing really amazing/creative work. Rob Bell opened up wonderfully and later introduced Peter Rollins. A mick from Ireland that brought the truth! This dude was nuts...but he was on fire and has a brilliant mind!

Here's a few quotes at getting at "the thing behind the thing":

"you don't see the light, the light lets you see."

"don't convince the mind, rupture the heart."

"2 approaches...#1: give someone water and cure thirst...#2: give someone salt and create thirst!"

The conference is liberating. Its nice to be surrounded in a community of focused, passionate leaders, that are eager to continue the conversation...(that would be a great blog title!)

Anyway, more posts tomorrow (or the next day - we have a grueling drive ahead of us tomorrow).


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