Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Entry #2 (a quick preview)

Here's another quick preview at one of the books I'm currently writing. I hope (with all my heart) it causes a stir...

Consider the implications of Outsourcing. From a business perspective, outsourcing typically refers to the third party subcontracting of a service, product, or manufacturing. Outsourcing usually takes place in order to lower costs, free up time, and energies. Most basically, outsourcing involves the transfer of a task to an external service provider...

...By now, this attitude of expectancy, commodification, and consumerism has engulfed the church and plays out no different than private companies. Our “church shopping” culture has somehow forced the hands of leaders to play into the power of the executive business models, where we now treat ministry as an assembly line. The more people we can turn on and turn out, the better off we are, the more successful our ministry, the bigger our steeple. It’s a numbers game, and quantity seems to be the driver.

The church, unlike the rest of the world, has often turned the vision and call of being Jesus’ hands and feet to the world, into an executable machine, with certain 10-step programs guaranteed to grow your congregation, grow your collection plate, and if there’s money left over at the end of the month, we’ll even supply the visitors with Jesus mints.

But this isn’t completely a get-rich-quick scheme of the church. Its not an evil plot sought out by seedy church leaders. It’s a deep and interconnected problem that society expects and the church caters to.

I do not intend to solely put the weight of this in the hands of church leaders either– in fact, many found themselves in this mess without even realizing. I do however mean to lay out some ideas and hopefully start a broader dialogue that can shift this culture away from its consumerist tendencies and begin to weave a new way of how ministry and true life change is brought about.

More to come later,

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