Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It might be time to REthink Christmas!

Are you hopeful for Christmas this year, but worried its just going to be a repeat of years past? Are you trying to convince yourself that this year, the traditions will be different somehow and really close out the year with a bang?

Do this for me...think back on last year. What was memorable? Ok, now go back 2 years...what sticks out?

Anything life altering?

If you're like most people, you have your laundry list of Christmas traditions. Each year you go down the list one by one, week after week, and expect something refreshing and transformative. But nothing happens. Its the same bad traffic, long lines, songs, and tv specials as every other year.

My advice, (if this is you), CAN THE TRADITION! If the tradition lets you down every single year, maybe its time to morph it, or just try something completely different. After all, you can't remember what you did the last couple years anyway - so what's to lose??? Why are we so hesitant to toss out lame tradition???

It might be time to REthink Christmas!

Here's a few ideas:

1. visit/attend a worship service on Christmas Eve (if you typically attend one, but are left feeling nothing year after year, get online and try another one - worship with people you've never worshipped with before in styles you've never considered)

2. spend more WITH family and less ON family (time, activities, etc.)

3. focus (stop trying to do everything and instead do SOMETHING)

4. laugh

5. spend time where Jesus would have spent his Christmas'...(with the least of these)

6. the gifts you do give, make them socially conscious gifts (gifts with a purpose and mission)

7. be still (take a deep breath, another, another, another...)

8. listen (sometimes we're too busy "out-telling" everyone else's stories when just maybe we'd do better to hear them and let the the stories soak in)

9. invite someone over for a meal, celebration, etc that has no family or friends around for the holiday

10. eat (just eat)

That's it for today. Merry Christmas!

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