Sunday, May 16, 2010

concert week...

This week was concert week...

I played St. Louis on Tuesday, Chicago on Friday, and Milwaukee on Saturday. I love being on the road for a number of reasons: the music of course, but also the new foods, and cool places to visit.

On the visiting front, we checked out the Harley Davidson museum. It was very cool - I think I was made to ride...perhaps not. And on the food front, I have a rule: NO CHAINS! So its all local, all the time. We hit up Nancy's in Chicago - AMAZING PIZZA!!! The next day in Milwaukee we went to Water Street Brewery. And to top off some great brewery-food, was the fact that in the booth next to us was John Rzeznik (lead singer of The Goo Goo Dolls).

The shows were great. Good times had by all! Plus, i learned that it takes EXACTLY 1 tank of gas for me to get my Honda from Milwaukee to St. Louis. I filled up at the hotel and drove into the driveway with my car's LOW FUEL light staring me in the face.

Aahhh, now its time to relax!


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