Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST & the Story of God


Last night was the LOST season finale. Kate and I have been devotees for the past few years; watching, dissecting, and postulating every single episode. As the final scenes unraveled we truly felt like we were losing someone (or at least something profound - maybe our time commitment...maybe more).

The story line has primarily been a spiritual/faith epic, from each characters perspective. And last night we got to see how it ended.

Consider most historical faiths, we know the beginning and the end (metaphorically at least). Its the middle though, that gets blurry. Its blurry because that's the part we reside in. Its riddled with doubt, belief, disbelief, mystery, struggle, joy, suffering, etc.

So as the story of LOST came to close last night, not every question from the blurry-middle was answered. But perhaps that's the point. Perhaps we need to struggle through the beginning and end just enough to help our struggle in the blurry-middle. Perhaps we're supposed to wrestle with the uncertainties because it draws us to (if not mandates) community.


Another theme from the show, not set apart from faith or spirituality - the communal aspect is as vital to the journey as the personal. I believe with all my heart that without true community, any sort of spiritual journey is a walk toward failure. Its not how we were created. And its not how the story ends.

Are there questions? YES
Will they ever be answered? MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO
Is that ok? ABSOLUTELY (if not even the point)

Faith and spirituality is not, and has never been, about empirical data and proof. It has always been about the rise and fall of community, remembrance, mystery, and faith.


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