Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leadership & Celebrity Apprentice

If you're currently a leader, training for a leadership position, curious about what makes a leader lead, then you should do yourself a HUGE (and fun) favor by watching Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

To begin with, its a fun show - humorous, catty, and somehow the likes of "The Donald," Cindy Lauper, and Bret Michaels can weekly put me at the edge of my seat. More than that, its a great magnifying glass into what makes and breaks a leader.

In my opinion, the leaders emerged during the first episode. But weekly, we see different tasks bring rise to unique strengths brought by each celebrity. What's key though, is no matter how plugged into the industry represented by a specific task, the leaders still lead. There's a slew of different leadership styles. Some work, and some go home at the end of the 2 hour episode.

In the end, its a fun show, and I promise you'll learn a little something about leadership.


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