Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recording UPDATE...

This new EP (BOXES & HUMAN FOG) has been such a fun process for me (and it's not finished). 2 of the tunes I've played live now for about a year, but the others have never seen a stage. It's been quite a ride as I've composed layers that have never been heard on other albums to date.

This EP is showing a real raw beauty to it. At times its a swell of orchestra and a second later its driving drums and bass at 126 BPM (that might be the fastest song i've recorded). There's moments of folksy Americana (1 moment), and then there's an ambient quality that will keep you guessing.

I don't want to give too much away. I apologize that the teasers are just instrumental too, but that's how I roll at this point :-)

If you're interested & willing to help me promote this on your blog, twitter, or Facebook page, PLEASE PLEASE use and abuse this stuff (videos, links, etc.)

Here's the PRE-ORDER can't get much easier than that!

Thanks SO VERY much,

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