Saturday, February 5, 2011

sigh...(but a good sigh)

I've spent the past 2 weeks completing 80 hours of intensive work at Fuller Theological Seminary, studying leadership development and missiology. It has been a whirlwind 2 weeks. I came knowing no one, and left with 30 friends that are doing amazing things in this world.

What was most fascinating, is that from 30 different perspectives, theologies, states, countries, etc, we never once debated my doctrine versus yours. Never once did we engage in the right theology argument. Instead we all stood back and understood that we were created by a bigger God than we ever knew, that His grace is bigger and more inclusive than any right theology or doctrines can even begin to encompass, and that we were created for His story that is unfolding all around us.

So now I sigh because it was rigorous, but also because it was life-giving, and now its over. That community may never be replicated - I've never felt it before. But just perhaps, these are the types of communities we will all go home to implement, create, and foster within our unique local contexts.


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Kevin said...

Howdy Ross! My name is Kevin Glenn and I'm a graduate of Fuller. I did the bulk of my studies at the Colorado Springs campus and LOVED every minute of it!!! Will, Lindy, and Dave were wonderful and I miss them. Please tell them I said "hi".

Oh yeah, I know this guy named Kevin Scantlan...he's quite the rabble-rouser in the church I'm pastoring:)