Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How all creative artists need to follow in Bambi's footsteps

Last week, NPR ran a story discussing the Blue Ray release of Bambi. They went on to talk about the huge risks and creativity that surrounded the making of this little Disney gem. At the time, animation averaged somewhere between 13-30 seconds produced per day. Bambi was unleashing new artistry and creativity, that wanted to explore even more into surroundings, nature, and environment, but would also only produce 1 second of film per day.

Obviously, 'ole Walt took on the risk, and the film shows just how powerful following dreams, possibility, and passion can be.

Bambi was a financial loss at first. It just couldn't recoup the monies it dropped in making it come to life. They knew this going in though, and still pursued what needed to be done (for the art).

Today I see a lot of artists, bands, and other creative types throwing in the towel a few years after college (and if not by then, definately by my age). I guess passion can only go so far... But I hope anyone reading, this that may be in a situation of kissing a dream goodbye, might just hold onto your hopes and art, and continue to follow your passion. You might just create the next Bambi...


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