Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On a Boat with Cora...

Last night, Cora and I were pretending we were on a boat in the sea. She was asking what we should bring.

The list looked something like this: toys, dresses, Cinderella, cookies, then I suggested music...

Cora's reply, "oh ya, get your phone!"

My heart hurt. Phones don't equal music (thanks for nothing iPhone!)...but to a 3 year old, that's how she's heard the majority of her music. I then went into a (less than fun) lecture that music is from inside of us; our songs, voices, violins, guitars, drums, etc. She responded, "ya, so get your phone..."

I'll continue working on this ;-)


1 comment:

Phil and Lacy said...

Ha.. when I read that, I was reading Cora's reply in a pirate's voice. Like "Oh yarghh... get your phone mate." I guess it still fits since you were on a boat! :)