Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Sickness (& in health)

I've been down for the count since last Friday with an upper respiratory infection. That equals me moaning, shivering, dizzy, (4 days of) 103 temps, drenching my clothes in sweat, unstoppable coughing, and totally out of commission.

I'm a real knight in shining armor right now...

(me "not-faking" feeling cruddy)

But Kate has the whole, "in sickness and in health" thing down! She has babied me unbelievably this past week. 2 trips to the doctor, multiple trips to Walgreens, not to mention continue to love on our girlies. I hope she doesn't have to pull dual duties too much longer; that my meds will kick in and do the trick.

(kate "fake-eating" fake corn)

I lucked out with Kate!


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