Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Years Later...

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq invasion.  How things have changed in 10 years…

I thought it appropriate to ask a handful of questions, to gauge what we've learned, experienced, and how we might move forward.

1. Despite the best of intelligence (remember that the entire globe's intelligence community agreed that Iraq had WMD's); is there ever enough intelligence to warrant a unilateral invasion?

2. What have we learned about soldiers on the ground versus drones in the sky?

3. Do we value life more or less?

4. Do we truly believe and promote in the sanctity of life?

5. Are we more equipped to face future challenges without war?

6. Is American Democracy right for every nation, people group, etc?

7. Is the region more stable?

8. Have we created more allies or enemies?

9. How have we treated our veterans upon their return home?

10. How has the treatment of war changed us? (do we think lightly of it, or do we hate it?)


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