Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flying Bird.

For the past few days I've been walking you through the creative process of writing a song.  Not every song writes itself the same way, but this is how I arrived at a new one.

The past 2 blogs have been about being prepared and ready to capture creativity as it comes - because there's no way to really schedule inspiriation.

However, rather than continue talking about the new love song that came out of no where, I want to switch gears to another song that, again came out of no where.

In the past week, I've written 3 songs...
1 about the end of the world
1 about falling in love
1 about drones

See the connection?  Exactly...there's not one. 
(except for being prepared to capture creativity)

If I wasn't prepared as a songwriter to capture the inspiration, these new songs may have been lost.

So this newest song (the one about drones), just popped in my head and luckily I was snowed in with pad, acoustic, and iphone.

Here's the lyrics:

Flying Bird
(c) 2013 Ross Christopher

(Verse 1)
Take to the sky
And sell them the lie
That everything is safer now
And life cries goodbye

Flying bird, won't you go back home
Flying bird, won't you go
Flying bird, won't you go back home
Flying bird, won't you go

(Verse 2)
Driven by joy -
Sticks of death and bombs
And innocent blood
Bombs and blood

1, 2, birds are flying
3, 4, worlds are dying
5, 6, lies are fueling
Birds to fly again


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