Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Attention...this is a YES or NO question

Today it's August 27th, 2008 and apparently there's an election in the coming months. As if you could avoid it, with the RIDICULOUS amount of media coverage these days. The 24 hr media machine is tiring, but impressive at the same time. Not a single sentence is missed on the campaign trail, in the tour bus, at the local eatery, in the airport bathroom stall - all is fair game and all will be reported on in 5...4....3...2....1.

So looking past the hours wasted on the possible upcoming announcement of who the vp may or may not be, and wading past the convention rock star appearances and speeches, and sifting through the attack ads (i still haven't seen a positive ad for either candidate - sad), is the dancing around on the issues by each candidate.

My word of advice, when you're asked a YES or NO question, answer with a YES or NO. I'm not interested in an event 7 years ago that led you to this, and now you're at that conclusion, but the public says XYZ and you're open to that, and actually, the person that can give you the real answers is above my pay grade... Give me a break and answer a damn question!

I'm just guessing, but at some point one of them will be elected and at some point in their 4-8 year stint as president of the free world, an actual concrete decision will need to be made.

Perhaps we could begin practicing for those moments now and give us, the voters, something to actually vote on. No?

My 2 cents,

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