Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ruffled Feathers?

As I watched our neighbor walked her 3 legged greyhound this morning I got to wondering-- why do some people make it their life mission to rescue abused dogs but wouldn't even consider doing the same for a child?

now, to be honest, i don't know my neighbor or the person down the street who takes in abused brittany dogs, so they may also adopt abused and neglected children. but i don't know for sure.

so watching them walk up the street, i then started thinking about our culture's obsession with pets. pets that are family members. pets that are children. you've seen them- the people who dress up their dogs and actually treat them as children. now, i'm all for caring for your pet, loving it, caring for it in an attentive and responsible manner, but there is some line that has been crossed in the recent years.

so back to my thoughts this morning- i wondered, why do some people care more for animals than humans, and i think it boils down to unconditional love. pets provide unconditional love, humans do not. caring for humans is riskier than caring for animals. and this saddens me. we miss out on so much by avoiding human relationships- yes they are messy, yes they hurt, but they are so much richer than any animal could ever provide. and guess what, there is someone who provides unconditional love- God. and God is the ultimate relationship being, God craves a relationship with us and craves for us to be in relationship with others. to be in community.

which brings me back to my neighbor. remember that i know what kind of dogs she walks but i don't know if she has also adopted abused children. i should know. i see her walking dogs everyday, tomorrow i should say hi.

p.s. a perfect example: people cloning their dogs, "Owner calls clones of her beloved dog 'a miracle'"

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