Friday, August 22, 2008

A Cora & Dad Moment

So this morning, Cora and I got to hang out because it's my day off. I decided it'd be fun to film her on my mac book as she was hopping about. As you'll see, she's already WAY to interested in my mac. And then all of a sudden, mid play, she gets real still and you can see the fear in her eyes. And for the next few seconds, she grunts out what I happily discovered, and was fortunate enough to clean up, as a nasty terd. Great timing on your jog Kate...:-)

To my dismay, she then proceeds to mash it around for another couple minutes - just prepping my "clean up" even more - let's try and get it in every crease, fold, crevasse, and piece of cloth diaper material possible. Nice! Real nice Cora!

Well, without further adieu, here's the vid:


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Phil and Lacy said...

funny videos! the ardent one is sweet too!