Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sexual Ridiculousness

Yesterday I heard a radio ad put out by Planned Parenthood. I'm kinda shocked at the things I'm hearing...very callous, vulgar, degrading - but funny. The ad ends with a website being pitched:

So naturally, I checked it out. There's a handful of "funny" videos designed to "teach" tweens and teens about sex, STI's, etc. Now I fully understand that PP isn't targeting me in these videos. I even understand that abstinence isn't the #1 goal of PP. But even with those 2 HUGE grains of salt, I was saddened to see a multi-million dollar campaign, paid for by taxpayers, being spent in such a ridiculous, degrading, lackadaisical, and trivial way.

Now I'm not so black and white to say that preaching abstinence is the fix all. But there's a TON of gray area between TrueLoveWaits and what PP is showing. Even a little respect toward love, intimacy, sensuality, etc would be nice. It's a wonder only 55% of American's contract an STI in their lifetime. According to PP, sex is just as random an activity as dating. It works hand-in-hand. You date, you have sex. You don't date, you masturbate. Obviously self-control, self appreciation, and self worth are not part of the PP agenda.

So even though I laugh, i'm saddened by our culture and our so-called-leaders that believe and promote in such campaigns as this one, TAKE CARE DOWN THERE, by PP.



Anonymous said...

The campaign was neither multi-million-dollar, nor paid for by tax dollars.

And the site spouts the exact same message your doctor would give you if you (as a sexually active young adult) asked for reproductive health advice.

Ross and Kate said...

its always easy to rebut without any citations (granted, i posted the multi-million dollar/tax payer claim as well) So here's some cited facts. Planned Parenthood is a 501C3, Not-for-profit organization. At first glance, one assumes their nfp status exempts them from tax dollars. However, PP does file for, and receive, Title X grant status, which is state monies (Oregon), where the money is specifically used for care, information, and infrastructure. (all information found at

and by the way, state money is tax money - unless Oregon runs a lemonade stand i'm unaware of...?

next, i don't necessarily disagree with your 2nd point, but my dr. has never asked me about my "ankle spanker," or my wife's "bushy catchers mitt." i think we can agree that's both not medical and not very dignified. it's one thing to come from will ferrel, its another for an organization like PP (who does do some great work) to front this type of language/video.

so to say its the "exact same message" is a bit misleading. i've yet to hear a heathl educator refer to the vagina as the "furry pink canoe." and i can almost bet, if your health care provider did use such terms, his or her career would soon come to an end.

i hope that sheds some more light on the subject. i'm not trying to dissuade educating safe sex. i am trying to give the act of sex some dignity and respect - after all, that just might be some of the problem.