Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Olympic Fever

I've never been so drawn into the olympics as I am this year. Maybe its my inner love of Chinese food??? I doubt it, but you never know. So much raw talent - a perfect example of someone following a passion and talent - I watch amazed.

Actually, I think what I'm drawn in by is my sick desire to see some hard core crash-and-burn-wipeouts...and between the parallel bars, high bar, balance beam, pommel horse, diving, badminton, etc., there's bound to be some amazing spills. I'm watching closely.

Who's with me???



Brandon said...

I'll be watching diving- with a loud...Ooooooohh (best brian regan voice) when one of them head smacks the board on a flip.

also suprisingly fun- water polo- it is ok to dunk people, you just get a whistle blown.

Ross and Kate said...

ditto my good lad.