Thursday, August 26, 2010

my little characters...

This is my youngest character, Olive. She makes funny faces and sounds - no quirky commentary as of yet. I will keep you posted on her progress.

But Cora is a different story...she'll throw zingers at ya' all day long. Here's a short list of some recent quotables:

(Cora walked in on a 1 year old boy getting his diaper changed)
"oh mommy, what's that? it a weird belly button?!"

(I ask Cora for some paper to help her with an art project)
"Daddy, I'm fresh out!"

(When we're headed somewhere/anywhere fun)
"Where-we-are-we-goin'?" (& this is usually followed
with 2 claps and sung melodiously; over & over until we get there)

(Cora hurriedly brings me her acoustic guitar; her electric guitar slung around her shoulder)
"Daddy, you can help me rock out!"

(attempting to say, "Whoopsy-daisy")
"oop's be goat!"

Have a great Thursday! Its beautiful here is St Louis...go outside and enjoy it!!!

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Ali said...

I love hearing all the little things Cora comes up with.