Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Rar.

Hey there,

Sorry for the couple-day sabatical. I'm in Kansas City with the band. We've had a great weekend playing and just having fun! Saturday night we played an outdoor music festival in St. Joseph. It rocked. We rocked. We all had a great time.

Yesterday we hit up one of my all-time favorite burger joints, HiBoy. If you're ever in KC, take the few minutes and endulge with a double cheese!

Last night we decided it would be a great idea to go see Piranah's 3D. was exactly what I expected it to be - funny, gross, and 2 big thumbs up! After that we came home and decided we'd cap off the night with The Exorcist. was Sam and Andre's first time seeing it, so i imagine they had less than stellar sleep.

We're headed out to Genghis Khan's (mongolian BBQ) now for lunch with a friend. And tonight we wrap up the weekend with another musical rendering at Jerry's Bait Shop. Come on out tonight - we go on around 9PM.


p.s. hope you enjoy the bear hat..."rar" :-)

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