Thursday, January 27, 2011


Are you a learner? Do you love discovering new truths and stretching your beliefs? Are you actively putting yourself in positions to learn and make new discoveries?

If you consider yourself an artist or creative person, i'm sure you treasure all things "learning."

I'd be interested in the sources you use to stretch yourself.

Are you a book person, film, interview, conversation; or does something else inspire and teach you?

Ideas and thoughts are appreciated!



Brandon said...

The Strength Finders study calls me a learner...for what that is worth.

I like to watch documentaries, good or bad. A lot of them. I peruse the Netflix and Hulu archives quite often. I usually use it as a quick and entertaining way to learn something new on the surface, then learn more following the show. Good times.

Ross Christopher said...

Learner you are. Thank you for your honest answer and candor regarding the questions I raised. You are a great American.

Go with gawd.