Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I wish I was talking about me. But I'm not. I'm not that cool.
But...today I walked out of the house to head to work and the brisk morning air (sub 50 degree) caught me off guard. I returned inside to grab a jacket. I LOVE it! And I'm one of those visual-auditory-memory-types. The coolness, the light jacket, the breeze made my mind jump to Rocky Mountain National Park. The thought of Rocky Mountain National Park brought the soundtrack of Dave Matthew's, Some Devil to mind. Kate can vouch for me. (i love the word vouch)
We were driving the winding roads, listening to Some Devil. It was a perfect soundtrack. Now whenever I hear one of those songs, I immediately am back in RMNP. And so I made the trip again this morning. From the coolness to Dave Matthews to RMNP...its a perfect start to a beautiful day!

So with a mug of coffee in hand and Some Devil circulating in the background, things are good!


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