Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Escape

Here's the situation.

We've been outside all day. But it was a beautiful day, so we just lounged around, ate whenever we wanted, drank more than we should have. You get the idea.

Still though, we were being lured away from our setting. So in a matter of minutes we broke through the fence and decided to venture out and about. We ran for a while - at least until our legs got tired. But what I didn't realize is that his legs must have gotten tired before mine. He was long gone and I didn't even notice until it was too late.

I continued on my way; looking here and there for him, but who knows where he went at this point. So i'm almost to the rec center and decide to head for the highway. I'm getting to HWY 44 and this idot in a car flies past me, nearly hitting me. That was freakin' scary!

I kept walking towards 44 when I noticed the guy in the car that about laid me flat. He's getting out of his car and walking to me. He must know me because he's calling my name. Funny thing, he looked familiar and was willing to give me a ride back to "safety." Nice guy really.

Little did I know that my friend ALSO got picked up and went with his friend all the way to Ladue. I guess he was mad at me for losing him. My bad.

All in all, we arrived back at home 4 hours and $76 dollars later.

Oh wait...that wasn't about me. I almost forgot. That was a story about my stupid dogs!!!!!!! So, if anyone wants (FREE OF CHARGE), an adult, un-trained, pain in the ass dog (or dogs), just shoot me a line.



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