Monday, September 1, 2008

Key Changes

Confession to make here. I HATE KEY CHANGES IN SONGS!!! Please, please, please get more creative than bumping the song up a step to intensify the last chorus. Wow, its l-a-m-e. I was driving in less-than-optimum-radio-frequency areas this weekend and found myself stuck between CHEESE BALL Christian radio and the best of the worst adult contemporary. Every song was the same. Surely there was a mid-late 80's through 90's manual that went out telling everyone how to write music.

It goes something like this:

Intro (4-6 bars)
Verse 1 (mellow)
Chorus (a little more intense)
Verse 2 (kicks a bit of a groove)
Chorus (step up the intensity again a notch)
Solo (cue the sax or guitarist from the "Somewhere Out There" theme)
Chorus (1 time - but kind of subdued)
HUGE CHORUS that makes me want to puke!

You know I'm right,

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