Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gov. Sarah her or hate her???

So last night Gov. Sarah Palin gave her VP acceptance speech at the GOP convention. If you haven't already seen it, watch it just for history's sake.

If you did catch it, what do you think? "Home-run" or "condescending?" Is she what the Republican's were missing from the ticket or will she take the ship down?

Personally I think the political chess game is being played PERFECTLY by the Republicans. That's not to say who I'm voting for or against, but a day after Obama's home-run speech in Denver, all anyone was talking about was Sarah Palin. She's had the most non-stop media coverage and viewership on the major networks since hurricane Katrina over 3 years ago...not a bad stat.

As for quelling the rockstar Dem ticket, she's succeeded. Will her personality and history be what America is looking for...who knows? What do you think?


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Brandon said...

I know, but I am not telling.