Monday, September 15, 2008

Word of the Week...#1

I'm a word guy. I love new and great words. We'll be talking and someone will use a good one, and i'll be like, "oh, good word."

So this week Kate and I decided that we're kicking off a new, weekly post, that will encourage folks to use the "word of the week" at least a handful of times throughout their week.

Without any further adieu, the word this week is: besmirch.

I'll define it...
–verb (used with object) soil; tarnish; discolor. detract from the honor or luster of: to besmirch someone's good name.

here's an example: (heated conversation happening at work)
BOSS: "Hey, I told you that the report was due at 7AM, not PM!"
ME: "Look buster, don't you besmirch my good name and blame me for your scheduling error!"
BOSS: (taken a-back and put in his/her place)

ok, now its up to everyone to use it properly this week in conversation, writings, etc.

peace for now,
ross & kate

p.s. we'd love to hear how you were able to use it.

1 comment:

Brandon said...

I think its only fitting that if you want me to use the word, that you also provide an example sentence in the post. For context.