Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicago Day #3

Yesterday morning we headed north to IKEA to pick up some goodies for Cora (and us). We were heading to a breakfast place and I happened to see this fun looking Algerian Crape place - a perfect Kate and I type of place!

I had Algerian Lamb and goat cheese crapes w/ potatoes and Kate had dessert (strawberry and nutella crapes). Top all that off with some coffee and we're gangbusters for the rest of our shopping trek.
Today was our last in Chicago. We set out this morning for the Art Institute. TONS of amazing art and lots of opportunity for fun photography. Here was our last day:

(can you find all 3 Kates???)

Twas a FUN FUN trip! Now we're back in St. Louis and resting a bit tonight before the short week is over and done...


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Melissa said...

I love IKEA!!!! Sounds like a fabulous trip.