Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Spirit-less World...

Have we entered a time of the Spirit-less?

Hear me carefully though, I believe that statement to be so far from reality! I believe we live in a truly Spirit-drenched world, time, and era. However, a quick glance at society would look much, much differently. And unless you've resisted the "norm," you might be agreeing with me today.

Have you ever struggled with self worth? Depression? Addiction? Laziness? Restlessness? Lack of attention giving (or getting)? Struggles in marriage? Etc.

The list (as you can imagine) goes on and on and on...

BUT, today we have drugs! We have prescription medication at our disposal - to dispense at the first sign of any of the above. Who needs anything spiritual? It is no longer an issue of spiritual wrestling. Instead, its Pfizer's role to cure a marriage that's petered out (excuse the pun).

Have you ever wished your life looked differently? Maybe you don't have the job or the title or the income or locale that you'd dreamed of.

No worries, you too can have that dream _____________ (fill in the blank), via 2nd Life, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc etc etc.

These are all examples of technological mediums/forums, where you can create a life for yourself full of truths, 1/2 truths, or just flat out lies. Its a facade-laden horizon, and its quite the norm. Its a social network without really getting or needing to get too close and personal. Its self-medicating to many, and again, can void any need for the spiritual. Remember, the notion of authentic community, is a spiritual matter.

And lastly (for today - trust me, this is not the exhaustive list), we no longer must choose to live lives of justice, social concern, charity, and activism. Instead, our government now mandates things like service, philanthropy, donations, etc. And even with the best of intentions, any government taking away the initiative from the people, takes away the will to be led by the Spirit. And when that choice is gone, it acts as a drug - a self-medicating body that counteracts spiritual formation and leading (the job is already done FOR YOU).

Of course, as I already stated, I believe this world to be DRENCHED in the Spirit, but I think for many, our eyes, minds, and souls have all but medicated, forgotten, and dismissed it.

Are you with me?


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