Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Liquid Nast

This morning I woke up and I needed coffee.

Cora and I rushed around for a bit as I made her breakfast, packed her lunch, gave her a quick bath, got her dressed for Mom's Day Out, and in 20 minutes, we were out the door.

No time for a home brew.

So after I dropped her off, I hit the gas station before I got to the office.

Ahhh, 20 ounces of the black brew!

NOTE TO GAS STATIONS: just because you serve it up SCALDING HOT, doesn't mean we can't determine that the coffee is completely NAST!!!

How hard is it to brew a decent cup of coffee??

I wasn't expecting top notch stuff (I wasn't at QT :-)

But I also wasn't expecting liquid nast.

What a day...


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