Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Little Watcher

Over the past couple weeks, Cora has become quite the observer. No longer does she just gaze aimlessly out the window of the car, but she looks carefully at everything and sees details (sometimes better than Kate and I).

I think it must be hereditary though. For me, there's nothing better than a long drive on back country roads looking for wildlife. I love driving the roads, looking to the corners of the fields and spotting the deer or turkey before anyone else. Cora does the same exact thing - she see's, points, makes animal sounds. She's awesome!

So today we went to Grant's Farm and rode the tram throughout the park and Cora spotted most of the animals before the tour guide did. She was pointing at all the elk, antelope, coy fish, falcons, and snakes. What and eye!

It's so much fun watching her develop and grow and show interest in the life happening around her! There's truly nothing quite like being a dad. I've said it before, and I completely believe it. Cora brings me closer to God. She teaches me lessons on awe and wonder. She teaches me love. She's great!-Ross


Phil and Lacy said...

I can't believe she knows what a coy fish is

Ross Christopher said...

she was all like..."wow dad, what a splendidly bright colored coy fish...aren't those from asia...because i'm pretty sure they're from asia..."

i was blown back, usually her talk consists of baa baaa or BA baaa, and sometimes Naaa baa.

so yeah, she's is awesome!