Thursday, May 28, 2009

if it would ever stop raining...

Before Kate and I took off to Chicago this PAST weekend, I needed to mow my yard. I knew that over the weekend it would hit that proverbial limit and need a good 'ole trim job. But I simply ran out of time.

While we were gone, it rained - pretty much non-stop. As we came back home monday evening, I pulled onto the block and it looked like the Clampits had moved in - white trash folks!

Since we've been home, its rained and poured non-stop and now I'm past embarassment. Its to the point now that I fear lions ready to pounce in the savanah I call my backyard. The possibility for snakes has escalated exponentially. And i'm not talking about garter snakes. No, we're talking anacondas and pythons and boas and cobras.

It is not pretty folks.

This morning I woke up and didn't hear rain. I think..."wow, a break, I can mow." Welp, I just didn't hear it. It was still raining.

So to all of our neighbors....I apologize. I know how it looks and I'm sorry. But at this point, I'm seriously considering releasing a goat to graze - just to get it down to a level my mower can actually mow.


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