Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Entry #4 (HEALTH - a quick preview)

Here's another quick glimpse into the book i'm working on, Outsourcing God...

A church can very quickly become fully engulfed into a season of dysfunction and retreat to months, if not years, of disunity, gossip, slander, which slowly destroys the bride of Christ. Outsiders will continue the rant of, “I told you so,” as they point at a church in turmoil as a poor reflection of the Christ they supposedly worship. A church in this season of funk can quickly create decades of stepping backwards. The community is not blind and will not ignore a church that cannot love internally. And church splits that result in new church plants aren’t any healthier. Bitterness within never is a spirit-led launching pad for the bride of Christ.

Seasons of conflict are usually placed on the shoulders of the leaders. As a leader I claim responsibility too. After all, when things go good and lives are being transformed, I selfishly cherish a sincere complement. But when things are rocky and status quo, I can displace blame with the best of them. However, the notion that you can adequately gauge a church’s health by the condition of the staff is a lie. A healthy congregation lives and breathes together in a loving/transparent kind of wave that celebrates and argues together. Like the beauty of marriage, it’s not all honeymoon! Open communication and dialogue strengthen the bond. Being able to successfully ride through a conflict together typically strengthens the relationship, and with grace and ownership, can provide the most valuable lessons in relationship and love.



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SATELLITE 42 said...

I've definitely seen this to be true. Sometimes the church or congregation is resilient even in the midst (or really in spite of) a fucked up staff. That simple fact is one of the few deciding factors that keeps me aware and believing that God is real and Jesus still loves the church.