Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Update (House of Hope)

Last year I had the opportunity to help serve The House of Hope in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Our church has closely partnered with them, as its run by family. I'm daily trying to find out the latest stories on the ground at HOH.

HOH serves about 30+ girls, a small staff, and serves as a school during the day to about 100 kids. I'm including some pics and links to folks on the ground.

Pic #1 - Damage @ House of Hope

Pic #2 - This is a huge compound next door to HOH

Pic #3 - Medical care @ HOH

Pic #4 - More medical care @ HOH
(i had the opportunity of serving w/
the gentleman administering the meds in this pic)

Pic #5 - Smiles are beautiful!

From the stories I'm hearing: the girls were outside playing when the earthquake happened, thus avoiding much potential damage. A couple girls were injured when the security wall fell, but nothing serious. The staff is not 100% accounted for, and 1 staffer was killed. All staffers homes were lost.

Please pray for peace, strength, and safety!


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